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“Wry, crisp and compelling.”

David Profumo, Country Life

Nicely written in a style redolent of the classic ghost yarns by the likes of W. W. Jacobs and E. Nesbitt… Besides being beautifully told, these stories all have their own inimitable twists in the tail that make them particularly satisfying. And you don’t have to be a fishing aficionado to do so. I certainly know nothing about angling and thoroughly enjoyed them.”

Alex Pearl, author of ‘The Chair Man’ and the Lovejoy & Finkle murder mysteries

“Expertly entwines history with fictional ghostly tales, crafting an immersive experience with spine-tingling suspense and supernatural intricacies. A testament to masterful storytelling.”

Michelle Fisher (Haunted History Chronicles Podcast)

“I was very impressed. I found all the stories very original, which is quite an achievement, and on top of that, there isn’t one that doesn’t have a satisfying, and unforeseen by me, twist in the tale at the end.”

Chris Newton, angling author and biographer of Hugh Falkus.

“A delightfully creepy, yet mindfully enthralling bundle of stories. Each one stands alone as a tantalising peek into other times and places where everything is not quite as it seems. This is not blatant “in your face” horror; rather, a gently series of literary lullabies that lure you into a gentle, misguided sense of well-being before each spine chilling reality takes form and imbeds itself into your mind…”

Chris Coppel, horror and psychological thriller author.

“This is one of the best ghost story collections I’ve read in a while. If you’re a fan of Robert Aickman or Reggie Oliver you will enjoy this book. It’s a strange choice for a theme for a ghost story collection but fishing turns out to be a good one. Pastoral and quiet in tone the tales are consistently gripping and moving in the same measure. A very good book of spectral fiction. Highly recommended.”

Mark Y, Bookseller

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